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New York Governor Inaugurated After Winning Midterm Election

New York Governor Inaugurated After Winning Midterm Election, Transatlantic Today

Kathy Hochul was inaugurated this Sunday after winning the mid-term elections for the governor’s position last November, which she had held since mid-2021.

Winning of Mid-Term Elections

The governor of New York, the Democrat Kathy Hochul, was inaugurated this Sunday after winning the midterm elections last November for the position she had held since mid-2021 after the resignation of her predecessor Andrew Cuomo due to a sexual harassment scandal.

Hochul, 64 years old and who was named the first female governor of the state, met another milestone today by being the first female governor elected by vote, although during her speech in Albany, the capital, she downplayed the fact and assured that she has not arrived for to make history, but to generate “a change”.

In the mid-term elections in the United States, a new record for women governors was achieved and in this year that begins.

A total of twelve states will be headed by a woman, surpassing the previous mark of nine female governors registered in 2004 and which had been repeated subsequently.

Hochul, from the moderate wing of the party, did not affect his agenda for the next four years, since he will do so at the end of the month in the “State of the State” speech, but he advocated “unity” and indicated that among his priorities are the creation of job opportunities and the fight against violence and hate crimes.

Two other women elected for the first time to the post of governor of a state after elections in November are the Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in Arkansas, and the Democrat Maura Healey, in Massachusetts, who will take office on January 10 and 5, respectively.

This article is written by EFE.

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Capitol Hill Politics

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