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Latina Soldier’s Death: Army Rules Out Crime

Latina Soldier’s Death: Army Rules Out Crime, Transatlantic Today

The Mexican Ana Fernández Basaldua Ruiz was found lifeless in a maintenance area on Monday at the Fort Hood military base in Texas.

So far there are no criminal indications in the death of Ana Basaldua, a Hispanic soldier, who died Monday at the Fort Hood military base, Texas, the United States Army said Thursday.

Ana Fernández Basaldua Ruiz, 21 years old and born in Mexico, was found lifeless in a maintenance area in that barracks where she was stationed for the last 15 months, according to a statement issued by the Army.

“Officials from the Criminal Investigation Division of the Department of the Army have confirmed that, at this point in the investigation into the death of Pvt. Ana Basalduaruiz, there is no evidence of foul play, and it will continue under investigation,” the base statement read. military.

In addition, the statement ensures that the information related to any possible harassment that Basaldua may have suffered “will be thoroughly addressed and investigated,” this after it became known that she was harassed by other soldiers and by a military superior, for which reason He was thinking of giving up his military career.

“The chain of command is in contact with her family to keep them updated and provide them with all available information,” the statement said.

It should be noted that those responsible for the base attributed the death, preliminarily, to suicide, according to what family members explained to Telemundo, although that line of investigation has apparently been ruled out.

Reports of sexual assaults increased in 2021 among the military. According to figures from the Department of Defense, a total of 8,866 complaints of sexual assault were received that year, an increase of 1,050 from the 7,816 received in 2020, according to the EFE agency.

The circumstances are reminiscent of the events surrounding the brutal murder of Vanessa Guillén in April 2020 by a partner identified as 20-year-old Aaron Robinson, who later committed suicide as he was going to be questioned.

Guillén’s dismembered and burned remains were found on June 30 of that year some 20 miles from the base, where she died the same night she disappeared.

The cases of Basaldua and Guillén are not the only ones where the death of a soldier at Fort Hood has been reported. In 2021, a subcommittee of the United States House of Representatives revealed that more than 20 soldiers lost their lives in that barracks in 2020 due to homicide and suicide.

The same committee indicated in that report that on that base “violent crimes were perpetrated” such as “cases of sexual harassment and an increase in depression rates” by soldiers whose “morale was on the ground.”

This article is authored by EI Diario

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