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How NATO & US Supporting Ukraine with Military Aid?

How NATO & US Supporting Ukraine with Military Aid?, Transatlantic Today

Since Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022, a number of countries across the globe are helping Ukraine by sending several weapons. Before that, some countries were giving Ukraine limited military Aid after Russia took over Crimea in 2014.

The US has given $3 billion in military aid and has sold an additional $165 million worth of weapons to the country. New legislation suggests that this figure will continue to rise through a streamlined process of lending and leasing equipment to Ukraine.

As per reports, some countries have supplied weapons like tanks and helicopters. So that Ukraine can be good enough to stop Russian forces from Capturing and holding Ukrainian territory.

The four main basic weapons that the west has sent to Ukraine include Missiles, guns, ammunition, attack drones, and artillery. Let’s now find detailed information about what weapons Ukraine has received from NATO members and the USA.


The countries have supplied guns and ammunition in high volume. The US alone has sent Ukraine over 50 million rounds of ammunition for handguns, rifles, and artillery.

The other NATO members, including Canada, Lithuania, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Netherlands, and Slovenia, have also sent ammunition to Ukraine.

The importance of guns and ammunition in huge quantities cannot be denied. They have utmost importance for Ukrainian forces to fight against the Russian army and defend their territories.

This equipment is also simple to learn and lightweight, and it’s quite easy to ship large amounts from one country to another.


The countries have provided Ukraine with a luxury of anti-tank, anti-aircraft, and anti-ship missiles, most importantly the Javelin. The US alone has provided Ukraine with almost 7,000 Javelins till now.

Ukraine officials have found javelins quite effective against the Russian tanks, and they would like to get more in the coming days.

Anti-tanks like Javelin are easy to use military equipment. According to military experts, it hardly takes 30 minutes to learn how to operate a Javelin. Moreover, Javelin requires no user input to hit the target once fired.

Furthermore, Some NATO countries are sending anti-aircraft missiles and missile systems to Ukraine. Stinger missiles are an alternative to anti-craft systems.

They are lightweight and need no user input after being fired. They can hit the targets a maximum of only about 5 miles.

German-made Gepard air-defense tanks are fast-moving armored anti-craft vehicles that have the ability to hit aircraft as far away as 10 miles.

The S-300 was initially launched for the soviet union but is now being used in Asia, Slovakia, and Slovenia. Slovakia has supplied a number of S-300 to Ukraine, and it has a range of nearly 125 miles.

The United Kingdon has also sent anti-ship missiles to Ukraine so that they can prevent Russia from blockading Ukraine’s black sea port.

Attack Drones

Ukraine is getting Attack drones from the US and Turkey, which they are using to destroy Russian tanks and artillery. They are small in size. For example, the switchable drones by the US are only 2 feet long and weigh 6 pounds.

The US is planning to send more advanced drones such as the MQ-9 Reaper. The MQ-9 Reaper is twice as quick as the drones Ukraine is currently using.

You also benefit from controlling the reaper even from a distance of 1000 miles. Some controversies are going on about whether the international limit US to ship reapers or would allow NATO to further indulge in the war.


Some NATO countries have also started sending artillery or large caliber guns to Ukraine, which are mainly used in land warfare. The main reason for sending these advanced systems is that Russia uses long-range shelling to drive back Ukraine forces.

This weaponry will prove fruitful in retaliating effectively against Russian forces. In this situation, artillery requires more advanced training for more than one person to operate.

The international military support is delaying Russian dominance, and Russia will have to develop a different way to take hold of the country.

Protective Equipment

The US has sent more than 30,000 sets of body armor and helmets to Ukrainian forces as per the Pentagon. They also sent night vision devices and thermal imagery systems and other forms of militarized optics.

The US also provided the medical supplies and equipment used to aid in combat evacuations.


International military aid is pouring in to strengthen the Ukraine military to prevent Russia from capturing and holding their land. NATO members, mainly the US, are supplying different advanced weapons to Ukraine consistently.

The experts are predicting if it goes on like this, there are chances that this could end up in World War III.

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