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Ben Cardin Net Worth: Life, Age & Political Career

Ben Cardin Net Worth: Life, Age & Political Career, Transatlantic Today

Washington DC (Transatlantic Today) — Senator Ben Cardin is a politician from Maryland who is the Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He is a member of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee. He has spent his career advancing legislation that addresses both national and local issues. Senator Ben Cardin is a political leader who has dedicated his life to serving the citizens of Maryland and the United States. Ben has spent nearly five decades actively engaging in the political process and has become an influential figure across the nation.


Cardin was born on October 5th, 1943 in Baltimore, Maryland, making him a native “Baltimorean.” He attended the Baltimore City College High School, where he served as president of the student government, before graduating in 1961. Ben was accepted to the University of Pittsburgh, where he majored in political science. Recalling his college years, Cardin further commented, “My education at the University of Pittsburgh had a significant impact on my professional life and my commitment to service to my community and country.” After graduating in 1965, he attended the University of Maryland School Of Law and received his Juris Doctor degree in 1968.

Overview Of Political Career

Cardin has built a political career that spans the state and national levels. His work was first recognized by Marylanders when he was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1967. Seven years later, he began serving in the Maryland State Senate. He eventually become the Senate Majority Leader, a position he held for six years. His hard work in the Maryland State Senate earned him multiple awards, including the Legislative Leader of the Year Award in 1990.

At the national level, Cardin was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1986, representing Maryland’s 3rd congressional district. He served there until 2006 when he was elected to the United States Senate. 

Cardin has continued to focus on issues while in the Senate that are important to him, including creating a strong economy, job growth, defending human rights around the world, and protecting the environment. He has also introduced several bills that address health care reform and ensure fairness in the tax system for all citizens.

US House Of Representatives

Ben Cardin is a Democratic United States Representative from Maryland’s 3rd congressional district. He was first elected in 2006, representing the people of Maryland in the United States House of Representatives. Cardin is a strong advocate for progressive values and works hard to protect the rights of all citizens.

Cardin has devoted his career to supporting progressive causes in the United States House of Representatives. He is a strong fighter for protecting the environment and supported the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to revitalize the economy. 

He worked hard to improve the lives of veterans by strengthening educational and health benefits to them. Cardin was also at the forefront of national healthcare reform and worked to ensure that the Affordable Care Act was successfully passed.

Cardin is a member of several key committees in the House of Representatives. Ben is a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, where he works to promote international relations and help ensure international security.

He also serves on the Finance Committee and the Ways and Means Committee. Ben helped to create legislation that seeks to protect the rights of all Americans, support small business owners, and help the federal government achieve fiscal responsibility.

Cardin’s tenure in the House of Representatives has been marked by strong support for progressive causes and fighting for the rights of all citizens. He has stood up for environmental protection, healthcare reform, economic recovery, and investment in small businesses.

US Senate 

Ben Cardin is a United States Senator from Maryland who has distinguished himself as a powerful and influential leader during his legislative tenure. Throughout his career, he has garnered the admiration and respect of his colleagues from both sides of the aisle. He has shown unwavering dedication and has achieved amazing legislative accomplishments. Ben can think outside of the box when it comes to creating bipartisan solutions. He is currently serving a third term in the Senate and continues to be a prime leader of progress on key issues.

In 2006, Senator Cardin was elected to serve in the US Senate for the state of Maryland. There, he has made legislation and ethics reform a priority. He went on to craft laws that ensure increased regulations on lobbyists and worked to reduce the contribution of money to politics. Cardin also serves on the Senate Finance Committee, overseeing important tax and financial matters and advocating for beneficial American financial policies.

Incredible Track Record Of Accomplishments

Additionally, Senator Cardin is recognized for his incredible track record of accomplishments when it comes to promoting environmental and energy initiatives. He was a leader in pushing for the successful implementation of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan. 

Ben is currently pushing to involve influential US climate plans in the struggle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. Further, he is known for his commitment to the improvement of public health, and he was a defiant voice in support of the Affordable Care Act when it faced numerous threats of repeal.

Senator Cardin exemplifies excellent leadership in public office, making his career an admirable example of a legislator who can boldly stand behind his beliefs and not bow down to the pressures of extreme partisanship. Cardin has made long-lasting impacts through his initiatives and has earned the trust of his constituents for his commitment to the Maryland people.

Net Worth

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin estimated net worth is at least $2.2 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. His estimated personal net worth and other assets have earned him the designation of Maryland’s wealthiest politician. He is one of the top 20 wealthiest Senators in Congress.

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Personal Life

Cardin got married to high school sweetheart Myrna Edelman, who is a teacher. The couple got married on November 24, 1964. They have a daughter, Deborah. Their son Michael died of suicide when he was just 30 years old.

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Capitol Hill Politics

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