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Nuclear War: Can the U.S. win against Russia?

Can the U.S. win a nuclear war against Russia in 2022?

Well, evidence points to “yes”…but not for the reason that you may think. Nuclear war requires resources and

As the Russo-Ukrainian war intensifies, global leaders have started to consider the possibility of another nuclear war and their strategy for handling a global conflict. This has left many wondering: Could the U.S. beat Russia when it comes to nuclear war? 

Well, when you consider that the USA makes up for 38% of the total military spending globally, it’s hard to contemplate the idea that the USA could lose to a nuclear war against Russia… but is U.S. military presence as fierce as it seems? 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the true capabilities of the United States Military — and whether it would be able to win a nuclear war against Russia in the event of nuclear war.

How powerful is Russia’s military force compared to the U.S.?

Currently, Russia is ranked as the second-largest military force in the world according to the GFR (global firepower ranks) despite having a significantly smaller population than the U.S. 

Russia also has an estimated budget of $61.7 billion, and 900,000 active personnel. 

In contrast, the U.S. has 1.4 military personnel, making the U.S. the strongest military force in the world. 

Can the US really win a nuclear war against Russia?

Now we understand the sheer size and power of Russia’s military defenses compared to the U.S., it’s time to determine: Would the U.S. win in a nuclear war against Russia? 

When answering this, we have to reference history. What we do know is that the United States is no stranger to the threat of nuclear war. In fact, from 1945 onwards, the United States was living in a state of cold war due to conflicting ideologies between Russia and the U.S. 

This tension intensified and peaked in the 1960s. 

That said, with the recent war between Russia and Ukraine, experts say that the United States should continue to prepare for nuclear war against Russia as the Russian-Ukrainian war escalates — bringing on the possibility of a third World War. 

However, if a nuclear conflict was to escalate, the United States would be in a strong position to defend itself from Russia despite Russia’s impressive military force. 

Not only does the United States have the biggest military budget and army in the world, but they also have the advantage of being a member of NATO, which is an alliance of 30 countries that started in 1949. 

The United States Army also has the benefit of 4.5 million firearms that are readily available in the single branch alone, allowing t the Army would be in a position of influence in ground combat. 

Who would win in World War 3? 

Though the prospect of a war between Russia and the United States is a grim one, The United States would likely win World War 3 — having a strong advantage over Russia through its alliance with NATO and having the support of the biggest military force in the world. 

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