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Update on Subpoena For Trump January 6th Texts

Update on Subpoena For Trump January 6th Texts, Transatlantic Today

Heavy doubt weighs on Washington’s Secret Service as questions arise about unreported deleted January 6th texts from former President Donald Trump. Doubts of truth have come to the surface after the June testimony from White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson was revisited.

In June, Cassidy Hutchinson testified against President Donald Trump, stating that he was eager to go to the Capital on January 6th, and became angry when he was refused by his security team.

Ms. Hutchinson continued to testify that President Trump lunged at a Secret Service team member upon hearing that he would not be able to visit the Capital, which has caused speculation of former President Trump’s involvement with the Capital riots.

Since the accusations of crucial January 6th texts have indecorously been deleted, the Chief Communications Officer of the United States Secret Service, Anthony Guglielmi, has assured the panel that they have complied with the subpoena and provided all information and documentation that was requested.

The list of requested documents included emails, interviews, and text messages.
Anthony Guglielmi explained that the text messages from the date(s) in question are unavailable due to a pre-planned cell phone factory reset device replacement program.

Anthony Guglielmi insists the request for January 6th text message documentation between former President Trump and the Secret Service was not received until the end of February 2021. This would mean that the replacement program took place prior to any inspection or subpoena; however, DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari says the request came prior.

All eyes are on Chief Communication Officer Anthony Guglielmi as accusations fuel the suspicion of illegal activities by the Secret Service of the United States.

Spokesperson, Steve Kopek is quoted saying, that the insinuation that the Secret Service maliciously deleted text messages is false, but evidence remains to be seen.

Context: Storming The Capital
On January 6, 2021, a group of protesters claiming to be President Trump supporters stormed the Capital in an effort to stop the presidential election’s questionable results from being certified. The chaos of the crowd erupted into riots that eventually ended with the vandalism of the United States Capital and the mental and physical abuse of staff and officers.

Over 100 law enforcement personnel were injured during the riots, as well as one civilian casualty.

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