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Nashville Shooting Suspect: Manifesto And Surveillance Video Released

Nashville Shooting Suspect: Manifesto And Surveillance Video Released, Transatlantic Today

Police released a video of Audrey Hale forcibly entering the Nashville school shortly before committing her crimes.

The shooter who killed three 9-year-old students and three adults at a Christian elementary school in Nashville on Monday had maps of the school, a manifesto and scouted a second possible shooting location, police said.

Police identified the shooter as Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old former student of the school. Hale was shot to death by police during the attack, which was the deadliest school shooting in nearly a year.

It should be noted that it has emerged on social networks that Hale names herself as “El” (He/Him), for which the authorities believe that she is a transgender shooter, shortly after she was identified.

In the video, an armed Hale, who she later met, can be seen carrying two AR rifles and a pistol, an arsenal with which she entered the Covenant School shooting through a side door.

Investigators later revealed that Hale had “detailed maps drawn of the school, surveillance, points of entry.”

Hale fired multiple shots on the first and second floors of the school, police said. A five-member police team heard the shots, went to the second floor and fatally shot the shooter, police spokesman Don Aaron said.

The first call about the shooting came in at 10:13 am and the shooter died 14 minutes later, Aaron said.

Drake said the suspect herself was a student at the school at one time, but did not provide further details. A vehicle located nearby gave clues to the identity of the suspect, he added.

The Nashville Fire Department tried to provide life-saving efforts to those with “viable signs of life” and transported three children along with two adults from the scene, Fire spokeswoman Kendra Loney said. They did not survive.

Nashville police identified the victims; Hale obtained at least two of the guns legally.

This article is authored by EI Diario

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