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China COVID Outbreak: Updates and News (2023) 

China COVID Outbreak: Updates and News (2023) , Transatlantic Today

The world continues to remain in limbo after the latest rounds of COVID-19 outbreak shown on social media, straight from mainland China. While the leaders of many countries have declared that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, many citizens are left wondering as death and infection rates continue to climb. 

China’s COVID Outbreak: What Do We Know? 

Currently, health professionals and government officials are working to contain, determine and control potential causes of COVID in China. However, there has not been an officially released cause for the illness and death rates. 

While the government reported normal containment measures taking place, Chinese citizens took to social media (via platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels) showing more advanced and significant measures – with many remaining locked in their homes, vehicles or places of work in an attempt to contain and control the risks of infection. 

These containment protocols were put to rest in December of 2022 within an official capacity, although the actual lived experiences may vary across provinces. 

The population of China currently is approximated to be 1.4 billion people across the districts, which means that the virus, if virulent, could spread especially quickly compared to other less densely populated areas. 

What Happened To The China COVID Outbreak Stats After Containment Was Over? 

Few COVID deaths have been announced and confirmed after the containment protocols were removed, which could indicate a possible overreaction or a more conscientious population working to maintain their regular ways of life. 

Next Steps: China COVID Outbreak Updates 

The Chinese Communist Party was quoted via People’s Daily stating that the Chinese people will remain victorious against the COVID-19 epidemic, which is proposed to be an attempt to bolster global relations as countries consider temporarily advanced testing protocols and containment procedures for incoming Chinese visitors. The Chinese government has been especially vocal about their displeasure regarding these newly-input safety measures, most recently after containment measures were eradicated across the country. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has come forward to sources such as Reuters stating that they have not had data submitted regarding COVID illness after legal changes in Beijing. 

The story continues to develop, and we will keep you updated regarding China COVID outbreaks. 

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