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AGM-158 JASSM: Specifications, Buyers & Recent Use in Battlefield

AGM-158 JASSM: Specifications, Buyers & Recent Use in Battlefield, Transatlantic Today
credit: weapontrend

Country: United States Of America

Missile Type: Air-to-surface standoff missile

Service Type: Yes

Washington DC (Transatlantic Today) —  AGM-158 JASSM is a joint air-to-surface standoff missile.  It can easily attack well-defended targets. Moreover, it doesn’t expose the carrier aircraft to modern long-range surface-to-air missile systems. There have been some reliability difficulties related to the development of JASSM. Due to the poor test results, it was terminated in 2005. However, in 2007 USAF resumed the manufacturing thanks to various findings, and the missiles already getting export orders.

What Is AGM-158 JASSM?

The AGM-158 JASSM is a stealthy and low-cost GPS/IIR- guided cruise missile. It was first developed by Lockheed Martin for the United States Armed Forces.  It is a large and stealthy long-range weapon. While the weight of this missile is 450 kilograms. It has gone through various testing and entered the US service in 2009.

Specifications Of AGM-158 JASSM

The AGM-158 JASSM has got a rough range of 1,000 kilometers. It is much more than the normal range of 370 kilometers. JASSM has a similar airframe to the other missiles. Therefore it has a good capacity to attack the enemy’s aircraft. AGM-158 JASSM AND JASSM-ER are very much similar and it is hard to differentiate between the two. The key changes include a bigger internal fuel tank. While the efficient turbofan engine has a lot of benefits to offer.

The airframe has an angular shape that resembles more of a Taurus KEPD 350. Although it looks more rounded and flowing than usual. When this missile is carried by Aeroplane, all the fins and wings will fold into a compact shape. These configurations will release at regular intervals and make use of tiny explosive charges. It has a length of over 4.26 meters while the diameter is 0.55 meters. Therefore it has a height of 0.45 meters. If we talk about the wingspan it is 2.7 meters.

Recent Use In The Battlefield

The USA is the first to use JASSM in a combat situation since 2018. They used this missile to strike a Syrian facility. They were producing chemical weapons for the Assad regime. United State of America used 19 JASSM-A missiles with a bigger decapitation attack. Apart from that US launched several JASSM-ER missiles in 2019. They have been using it in the hideaway of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It seems that the use of this missile will continue for many years to come.

Buyers Of AGM-158 JASSM

The United States Air Force has already acquired over 2,000 JASSMs. They are planning to purchase 10,000 more. JASSM is deployed under a contract in Australia, Finland, Netherlands, and Poland. Many U.S F-16 fighter jets are equipped with ten joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles (JASSM) in June 2017.

In 2013, South Korea purchased JASSM to boost the South Korean Air Force’s ability for striking. At first, it was refused by Washington. After some time the Government of South Korea moved its attention to Taurus KEPD 350 missile. Finland has planned to purchase JASSM missiles for their air force. It was a big part of their modernization plans.


1. What Is AGM-158 JASSM Used For?

AGM-158 JASSM is a mission-effective and combat-proven missile. It is designed to destroy high-value aircraft of enemies. It features many fixed and relocatable targets along with a standoff range. The best thing is that it can keep the aircrews out of danger from the air defense systems.

2. How Many AGM-158 Can A B2 Carry?

Currently, B-2 bombers can conveniently carry around sixteen AGM-158 JASSM. It can also carry an improved AGM-158B JASSM-ER air-launched cruise missiles. These strong missiles are created to penetrate the air defense system. This includes the Russian S-300 and its improved versions. The baseline AGM-158A offers a reliable range of 370 km.

3. How Much Does A AGM-158 Cost?

AGM-158 was produced in 1998 by Lockheed Martin. The cost of this missile is US$1,266,000.

4. Can F 35 Carry JASSM?

The F-35 can carry a lot of weapons in stealth configurations. Therefore it can work externally in permissive environments. All the variants of the F-35 can either carry JASSM or LRASM. These factors will not only increase the reach but lethality and survivability as well. Countries that purchase JASSM can expect it to work against strategic targets. JASSM can save you from near-peer adversaries.

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5. Is AGM-158 Nuclear Capable?

AGM-158 is nuclear-capable and can hold many nuclear weapons. The bomber can carry a large number of munitions. It includes up to 80 independent targets of 500 pounds. This can work against Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAMs) precision-guided bombs.

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