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Trump campaign ordered fake Georgia electors to use ‘complete secrecy,’ email shows

WASHINGTON (Transatlantic Today) – In an email acquired by federal investigators as part of their recent probe into Donald Trump’s attempts to overthrow the election in multiple swing states, the Trump campaign urged a group of Georgia Republicans to gather in secret and hide their objectives. 

The email is part of a growing Justice Department inquiry into the Trump campaign’s dealings with so-called “alternate Republican electors” in states Trump lost, and whether a conspiracy to organize them may be charged. 

Until now, the Georgia email had not been made public. According to various sources acquainted with the matter, it was sent by Robert Sinners, Trump ‘s election day operations head in Georgia, on December 13, 2020, 18 hours before the team of alternate electors assembled at the Georgia State Capitol. 

According to individuals familiar with the email, copies were also received by the Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney’s office, which has convened its own grand jury to review Trump’s efforts to overturn Georgia’s election outcome, and the US House select committee on Jan 6. 

The email emphasizes the Trump campaign’s involvement in fabricating election documents in order to obliterate Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia. 

Sinners also instructed Trump’s supporters to mislead security personnel once they arrived at the statehouse, telling them they were meeting with 2 state senators, Burt Jones and Brandon Beach. 

Due to restricted accessibility at the statehouse during the coronavirus outbreak and post-election political upheaval, a source close with the campaign said the discretion was required. The requirement to gather in the statehouse was critical in order for the false electors’ slate to be legally legitimate if Biden’s victory was to be overturned, according to the source. 

The email might become part of a conspiracy probe, according to Elie Honig, a former prosecutor who is now a CNN senior legal analyst, because it could indicate the plan went beyond idle conversation and instead included the campaign providing electors proper guidance. He also emphasized the importance of asking voters to keep their actions hidden.

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Capitol Hill Politics

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