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Middle East

Israel observes nationwide pause to commemorate war dead

TEL AVIV, Israel (Transatlantic Today) — On Memorial Day, Israel’s citizens and soldiers killed in terrorist assaults and conflicts were remembered by sirens blaring around the country. 

Prayers and poetry readings were organized at cemeteries to commemorate the approximately 24,000 individuals who died in Israel’s conflicts, before the celebrations began at dusk with military flyovers and celebrations to mark the nation’s 74th Independence Day. People stayed still and lowered their heads during the 2 minutes of sirens. 

Bennett called for Israelis to avoid from attacking one another last week as Israel commemorated the 6 million Jews slain during the Holocaust, despite the weak government he heads being divided. He talked in the light of recent Palestinian unrest, as well as from personal experience. 

His family has received 2 distinct death threats in the last few days, each containing live ammo and asking that he quit. 

Bennett stated that it is Israel’s “duty” to the deceased to unite the country. 

Bereaved relatives visit the cemetery and join memorial ceremonies on Memorial Day, while radio and television stations broadcast solemn music, documentaries, and memorial ceremonies for fallen troops. 

The blaring of a siren blast throughout the nation brought everyone to a standstill in the yearly rite. Pedestrians halted in the street, while automobiles came to a halt on the highway, their heads down. 

Since its founding in 1948, Israel has endured six battles with surrounding Arab nations, faced 2 Palestinian uprisings, and been the target of a slew of fatal extremist assaults. Memorial Day recognises more than 3,000 civilians killed in extremist assaults, in addition to military slain in conflicts. 

According to ABC NEWS, the yearly ceremony coincided with the 11th anniversary of Israel’s 11-day conflict with Gaza’s militant leaders, as well as a recent series of Palestinian bombings, Israeli incursions in the West Bank, and skirmishes between Israeli forces and Palestinians at a key Jerusalem holy site. The Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, is located atop the hilltop compound. It is also the holiest place for Jews, who refer to it as the Temple Mount since it is the site of ancient biblical Temples that were destroyed. 

The Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas took credit on Monday for a gunshot that killed an Israeli security officer last week at the entrance to a Jewish community in the West Bank. It was the first incident since 2018 that Hamas claimed responsibility for an attack against Israelis in the controlled West Bank.

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