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U.S. reports record 1.3M Covid cases in a day

According to an NBC News tally, on Monday the United States recorded 1.34 million Covid cases, with the daily case rate surpassing global records as hospitals rose across the country.

According to the tally, at least 1,343,167 new Covid cases were reported on Monday, eclipsing the previous high of 1,044,970 instances set on Jan. 3.

Due to several states avoiding reporting over the weekend, daily case counts are often high on Mondays. The statistic still shows a sharp increase in infections in the United States as the highly communicable omicron form spreads.

According to NBC News, the United States has reported 61,490,917 cases since the Covid-19 outbreak began on Monday, the largest daily amount for any country in the world.

According to an NBC News examination of US Department of Health and Human Services Covid hospitalizations data, the increase in hospitalizations has been especially notable in various Midwestern and mid-Atlantic areas.

The population-adjusted rate in Washington, D.C. was the highest in the country as of Monday, followed by Ohio, New Jersey, and New York.

Meanwhile, according to NBC News‘ count, southern states have witnessed the highest surge in hospitalizations over the past two weeks, with seven-day averages for hospitalizations in Louisiana up 341 percent from 340 to 1,501, and Florida’s average up 277 percent from 2,426 to 9,169.

As the extremely contagious omicron variety spreads, hospitals are reporting an increasing number of patients hospitalized for other reasons who simultaneously test positive for Covid-19.

According to doctors, the pattern could indicate that more people are suffering from asymptomatic or undiagnosed instances than the current data indicates.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted in its weekly update on Covid published on Friday that instances were continuing to “increase rapidly” across the country, with the surge “led by the omicron variant.”

According to the CDC, the omicron form may currently account for nearly 95 percent of Covid infections in the United States.

“The entire country is now experiencing high levels of community transmission,” adding that “hospitalizations are also on the rise.”

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