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After anti-Muslim remarks, Omar ‘very confident’ Pelosi will punish Boebert this week.

Democratic US Rep. Ilhan Omar announced Sunday she’s “very confident” House Speaker Pelosi is going to deliver “decisive action” upon GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert because of the Republican’s anti-Muslim comments.

After a discussion with House Speaker Pelosi, she’s quite sure that Pelosi will deliver definitive action next week. Omar told media outlets on “State of the Union.”

She stated Boebert must be disciplined for her bigoted, anti-Muslim speech addressed at Omar. On the third day of the dispute created by Lauren Boebert, she said she “can’t wait” to contest the matter against Rep. Ilhan Omar during the airing of a primetime Fox News show.


That’s exactly what Lauren Boebert said.

Omar believes it’s crucial for Congress to announce that racist remarks, that kind of language, this type of hatred will never be approved in the House of Representatives. They must sanction and discipline Boebert by removing her from the Congressional committees she belongs to, reprimand her rhetoric by utilizing everything they can to deliver a precise and definitive communication to Americans that if the GOP will not be grown-ups, and denounce that language, that the Dems will do it instead.

Numerous media outlets have attempted to reach Pelosi’s team for comment.

Omar further described Boebert’s remarks as “shocking and unacceptable.” Omar continued to say it’s improper of a congresswoman to practice this hostile, threatening, provoking rhetoric against an associate.

Omar demanded that Boebert issue a public apology for her nasty words during a phone conversation. Boebert declined to give one, mentioning later in a social media post that she will proceed to place America first and never commiserate among terrorists.

Omar proceeded to speak against the inability of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy since he opted not to punish Boebert, a fellow member of the GOP. She described McCarthy as a coward and a liar. Further stating [McCarthy] can’t denounce the sort of Islamophobia, bigoted, and anti-Muslim speech that a colleague is delivering. “This is who they are. And we have to be able to stand up to them, and we have to be able to push them to reckon with the fact that their party right now is normalizing anti-Muslim bigotry.”

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Capitol Hill Politics

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